About Us

About Us


To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as a productive, caring, responsible citizens.


We provide the highest quality environment to all children in need. We offer a positive and unique place with individual attention to every Club member in order to develop character by emphasizing integrity, respect, self esteem, responsibility, and appreciation of life. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Brea - Placentia - Yorba Linda whose Board of Directors always ensures there are sufficient funds to carry out the mission of the Club. We have thousands of supporters helping thousands of kids to become responsible, honest, good people who give back to others. No child is turned away.

Character Values:

Respect: I see value in other people and other things
Responsibility: I take care of my things and myself
Integrity: I do the right thing without having to be asked.

Club Priorities:

The Boys & Girls Club of Brea -Placentia -Yorba Linda has three priorities for every child who attends our club:

Academic Success

We want every child to graduate from high school with a plan for the future. Our members have resources such as getting help with homework in the education center, reading and writing clubs, help with computers and technology in the tech lab, and various art projects done in the tech lab, art room and teen center. We also have many volunteers from high schools and colleges that mentor our club members.

Heathly Lifestyles:

We want children to live healthy, active lifestyles and practice making good decisions for themselves and in our clubs. From the nutritious food we serve at snack and dinners, to sports games in our fields and gyms, to finding new ways to communicate their inner lives in the art and music rooms, to being surrounded by great mentors in our staff and volunteers.

Open Door Policy:

The Boys & Girls Club Brea - Placentia -Yorba Linda has a Open Door Policy. That means that children are welcome to come during the hours we are open and can choose from a variety of activity offerings based on age and personal preference. The Boys amp; Girls Club is not a daycare, though children are supervised at all times within the club. Parents arrange with their children who is allowed picking them up and what time that will happen

Good Character and Citizenship:

Everyday in our clubs, children are taught about being respectful, responsible, and having Integrity in their lives and interactions with others. These are our expectations of of our children, our staff and our volunteers.

Positive Choice Policy:

Every child is expected to take responsibility for their own actions and choices. Children who cannot or will not follow behavioral expectations may be asked to take time away from the club and to reassess their values before coming back. This is based on an escalating scale that will be enforced by your club directors.

While a child may be suspended for a time for making poor choices, no child will ever be permanently expelled.